19 November 2009

We Have a Baseline

Duration = 36:07
Distance = 2.70
Calories = 286
Max HR = 153
Avg HR = 139
Running Index = 47
Max Cadence = 101
Avg Cadence = 90

You gotta like it when you have to increase pace to keep from falling under your target HR range. Tonight, I planned a shorter session leading into my assessment this weekend. Heart rate took a bit longer to ramp up tonight than the rest of the week. I was still in the target range when I got to 4.9 mph. After 2 minutes there, I was under the target again, so I increased to 5.0. I stayed in the range for the rest of the session. Also, the cool-down had me down to a HR of 116. Granted this was a shorter session, everything is pointing to improved fitness.

Based on these numbers, I will try for a 1.5-mile time of 12:00. This would knock over a minute off the average pace. I hope I have enough strength endurance in my arms and core for a decent showing on those parts of the assessment. I am a bit disappointed in myself as I had hoped to be shooting for an across-the-board maximum performance by now, but I haven't trained for it and that is not even on the radar at this time.

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