05 August 2010

USAF Week 12 - Thursday

Duration = 57:47
Distance = 4.00 (treadmill display; foot pod battery died)
Calories = 464
Max HR = 183
Avg HR = 140
Running Index = 42
Max Cadence = 108
Avg Cadence = 86

Thursday: short session
Equipment: Asics Gel-Nimbus 11s, shorts, tech shirt

Warm-up: .25 miles @ 3.0 mph
Main: 3.5 with HR in 130-140
Cool-down: .25 miles @ 3.0 mph

I was going to run longer, but fighting with the Polar stride sensor was pissing me off. It was all over the map. I think I would notice if all the sudden I dropped to a 70 stride/minute cadence from a 90 stride/minute rate. Then, just before the end of the run, the battery packed it in all together. If the variability weren't a standard characteristic of the stride sensor, I would just figure it was the dying battery. However, I think Polar (or at least their sensor) prefers a heel-strike as opposed to a midfoot-strike. It gets flakier the light my impact is.

I may end up getting a Garmin or Suunto HRM to see if they work any better than Polar. I may just drop the stride sensor and just use to heart-rate data.

Before the end, I threw in a quarter-mile sprint in the middle of the last mile. Trying to balance my speed needs with the miles I need for marathon training may have me running doubles (contrary to some recent discussions I've been involved in.)

Lap   Time    Lap Time  Max Avg Min
1. 0:15:36.2 0:15:36.2 140 122 84
2. 0:29:17.9 0:13:41.7 149 144 138
3. 0:43:11.5 0:13:53.6 152 145 135
4. 0:57:47.4 0:14:35.9 183 149 125

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