21 March 2010

2010 Bataan Memorial Death March - Data

[Since I had major issues with my primary monitor, the Polar RS800CX and the G3 GPS sensor, I'm having to reconstruct some of the data from a backup GPS logger I had along to support the camera.]

My backup data shows that I added a kilometer to the planned distance. I know exactly where the 10 and 20 mile markers were. I also know where the end of the race was. I'll update this entry as I fill in my best assessment of the data. Currently, I only have three data points.

Start = 21 13:40:23 UTC, , 4344'
Mile 10 = 21 16:58:28 UTC, 03:18:05, 4567'
Mile 20 = 21 22:02:22 UTC, 08:21:59, 4327'
Finish = 22 01:39:01 UTC, 11:58:38, 4347'

You can see that the second 10 miles took a lot longer than the first 10 miles. Also, the final 10K took over 3 1/2 hours, longer the the first 10 miles.

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