31 December 2011

Saturday Treadmill Session

Duration = 30:33
Distance = 2.0 miles
Calories = 249
Max HR = 159
Avg HR = 140

Saturday: treadmill building-to-long session
Equipment: NB Minimus Trail WT10s, shorts, long-sleeve tech shirt, Suunto t6c HRM

Warm-up: .25 miles @ 3.0 mph
Main: 20:00 @ 4.4 mph with HR in 150-160
Cool-down: .25 miles @ 3.0 mph

Today we ran the plan and finished with everything where I wanted it.  I did not exceed the target range.  I had no issues with completing the run at the planned speed  The only issue is that I still have a period early in the session, but not the start, where the HR reading goes wonky.  This usually resolves itself and the post-processing handles it pretty well.  For longer events, I don't think this will be a problem, but I may need to investigate conductive gels for shorter events.

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