30 December 2011

Friday Treadmill Session

Duration = 31:03
Distance = 2.0
Calories = 242
Max HR = 158
Avg HR = 138

Friday: treadmill building-to-short session
Equipment: New Balance Minimus Trails, shorts, long-sleeve tech shirt, Suunto t6c HRM

Warm-up: .25 miles @ 3.0 mph
Main: 20:00 @ 4.2 with HR in 150-160
Cool-down: .25 miles @ 3.0 mph

This we originally planned as 20 minutes of 4.2, but after 10 minutes I was only up to 145 bpm, so I increased the speed to 4.4 mph.  I went ahead and completed the last little bit to have another 2 mile session.  The temperature was in the low 60s and that may have helped keep the hear rate down.  I'll try 4.4 continuous tomorrow to see if that bring me in on target.  I'm quite happy with this run.  My left calf was still a bit stiff, but maybe a bit better than yesterday.

Earlier in the day, I spent 26 minutes walking with my wife in the local neighborhood.  We covered 1.5 miles while we were at it.

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