29 December 2011

Thursday treadmill session

Duration = 29:41
Distance = 2.00
Calories = 278
Max HR = 167
Avg HR = 150

Thursday: treadmill building-to-midlong session
Equipment: New Balance Minimus Trail (blue), shorts, long-sleeve tech shirt, Suunto t6c HRM

Warm-up: .25 miles @ 3.0 mph
Main: 20:00 with HR in 150-160
Cool-down: .25 miles @ 3.0 mph

The above was the plan.  I figured that 5.5 mph should be about right based on my run yesterday.  For various reasons, I decided to be conservative and started with 5.0 after the warm-up.  This did well until the HRM caught up.  I think the sensors on the strap loose signal until I start sweating.  Once I had a good reading I was already out of the range I really wanted to be in.  I finished the 1/2 mile at 5.0, but I started dropping the speed after that.  I eventually got all the way down to 4.2 mph.  The time when I finished 1.5 miles of running was close enough to the target of 20 minutes that I started the cool-down then.  Other than some slight stiffness in my left foot and lower leg, there were no issues with this run.

I was quite surprised by how much slower I had to run.  I figured that there might be some due to the grade of the treadmill because I tend to find running "for real" to be easier than my treadmill.  I'm sure that was part of it.  The other part, which I hadn't considered, was the temperature.  I ran outside yesterday in ~35F with some wind.  The temperature in the basement where I keep the treadmill is in the upper 60s F.  That was a good part of the rest.

The final item for today, and possibly related to the previous, was USAF strength training.  About an hour before doing my run, I did 5 sets of push-ups and 5 sets of sit-ups.  These were done to temporary muscle failure in the later sets.  These completely wiped me out and required some time before I felt ready to do my run.  The plan was to have done the strength training much earlier in the day, but I ran out of time.  Final counts today were 41 push-ups in 5 sets (2x15, 5, 2x3) and 48 sit-ups in 5 sets (4x10, 8).

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