08 June 2010

USAF Week 4 - Tuesday

Duration = 49:47
Distance = 3.00
Calories = 351
Max HR = 141
Avg HR = 131

Tuesday: short session
Equipment: Asics Gel-Nimbus 11s, shorts, tech shirt

Warm-up: .25 miles @ 3.0 mph
Main: 2.5 miles with HR in 130-140 (Peak 4.0; Finish 4.0)
Cool-down: .25 miles @ 3.0

I'm back on schedule. Hopefully I can maintain it.

My left calf was a bit stiff for this session. This did get better as the session progressed, but was still present at the end. The main part was started at 4.0, but I did slow to 3.8, then to 3.6 to stay in the target range. In the second and third mile, I started to loosen up and the heart rate approached the bottom of the range, so I increased back to 3.7, then 3.8. I was steady near 135 at 2.5, so I pushed back to 4.0. I was just hitting 140 when I finished that "lap" and started the cool-down "lap".

Lap  Time    Lap Time  Max Avg Min
1. 0:16:45.7 0:16:45.7 141 125 91
2. 0:33:04.7 0:16:19.0 138 135 128
3. 0:49:46.5 0:16:41.8 140 132 112


The Green Girl said...

Did I ever mention how I love how you track what you wore for each run?

I hope your calf loosens up.

Traveller said...

I got the idea from a runner in the Portland, OR area.

The Green Girl said...

Ah, that's cool. I'm able to track my shoe usage with my mileage but I never thought to document what I wore.