04 October 2009

2009 Big House Big Heart 5K

Duration = 30:46 (from watch)
Distance = 3.29 (from watch)
Calories = 351
Max HR = 193
Avg HR = 169
Running Index = 44
Max Cadence = 103
Avg Cadence = 94

Actual chip time was 29:16.7 for an average pace of 9:25/mile.

This course has a significant climb in the first mile. The middle of the course is pretty flat with a significant descent after the end of mile 2. This finish is through a descending tunnel to the playing field of Michigan Stadium, along one sideline to the endzone, across to the goalpost, and right down the middle of the field to finish on the 50 yard line.

This performance represents a VDOT of 31.73. I will use this to set target paces for the next cycle of training.

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